What is a Razor Ski Grip?
When skiers are done skiing they prop up their skis against racks; the problem is what to do with their poles. Some take the loops and place them over skis, others lean them against the skis or some lay on the ground. There have been devices designed to hold poles to skis but they are bulky and cumbersome...until now!

The Patent Approved Razor Ski Grip is specially designed to mount to the ski in front and behind the bindings. When a skier finishes skiing they simply unsnap the elastic, place the pole on the both brackets and snap the elastic into place. This is done on both ski poles as a unit. When the skier decides to ski again simply unsnap the elastic remove the poles resnap the elastic into position. The brackets stay permanently attached to the ski & will not fall off. This bracket is designed to be a convenience to the skier and comes in a variety of colors and takes only minutes to attach to the skis.

Razor Ski Grips Patent #8371614.
For use with cross country and down hill skiing.
Locally owned and manufactured in Western New York.

Please note, one set of Razor Skip Grips contains four brackets.

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